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Its no secret that the population of the Gold Coast has somewhat increased of late but I guess the question is why?

 I guess I can cast my perspective on this having only recently relocated to the Gold Coast myself but I am positive that there are many more reasons than the ones I touch on here.

 The Gold Coast for many years has been a hot spot tourist destination & with long sandy beaches, an abundance of family activities & 'ideal' year round temperature & weather, its surprising that it has taken so long for the Gold Coast to become as popular as it deserves to be much earlier. Obviously Covid has brought about an era where many have now need not forgo the lifestyle that they have only dreamt about for so long but thanks to technology, there is a true realization that people are able to work from home which negates the necessity of attending an office on a daily basis... This is a concept that lead me to the idea to change the way 'traditional' real estate was transacted well before Covid exposed this change of working enviroment but we will cover that on another blog.

 Many have noticed that property prices in Queensland, particularly Gold Coast & Brisbane have risen sharply within a short period of time & has made renting a home much more difficult with many applications received per property. This is an obvious result of a high influx of people within a short amount of time but what Queensland is currently experiencing is not only limited to Queensland... The southern states of NSW & Victoria have been experiencing high growth year on year for almost a decade particularly in the major cities of Sydney & Melbourne. The past 12-14 months have seen exponential growth in the city of Brisbane, The Sunshine Coast & The Gold Coast which is most likely 'playing catchup' and aligning itself with the southern states of NSW & Victoria. 

 Due to the southern states having the headstart on property price increases, this has made the prospect of moving to the Gold Coast a much more attractive proposition with many finding that their purchasing dollar went a little further & with the added bonus of a family friendly beach lifestyle within a minor city & only an hour from a major city, it was an exciting prospect for many.

I for one am glad to have made the recent move & am extremely excited about the future prospects & to be a part of the growth & development with other fellow coasties that will see the Gold Coast become a shining light in the property market moving forward.

Until next time, Stay Safe...


David Curmi - Director/Principal

The Mobile Agents